Saminar on 08/04/2022 (Online) Parking for Delivery: Quantifying and Modeling Urban Space Management" by Jan Fransoo, Tilburg University

Jan Fransoo

Speaker: Jan Fransoo, Tilburg University

Date & Time: April 8, 2022, Friday 13:30

Zoom Link:

Title: Parking for Delivery: Quantifying and Modeling Urban Space Management

Abstract: In urban logistics operations, delivery vehicles spend by far the largest share of their time while parked or looking for parking.

Parking is both legal and illegal, and strongly impacts the overall delivery performance. I first present the results of an empirical study to estimate the magnitude of the effect of parking. This is based on a field experiment that we conducted in Queretaro, Mexico. Then, I develop a stylized queuing model to understand the trade-offs between allocating scarce curbside space to freight vehicles and leaving the space unrestricted. Contrary to intuition, we show that specific allocation to freight may improve also the experience of passenger vehicles. Finally, I address the question whether it makes sense to have parking space managed through a booking system, or whether it is better to operate first-come first serve. Using a novel queuing approach we provide insights when it makes sense to use a booking system.

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