Research Areas

Current research areas of our department are:

  • Modeling and Optimization
  • Logistics System Design
  • Facilities Location and Distribution System
  • Hub Location
  • HazMat Transportation
  • Theory of Optimization with Imprecise Data
  • Robust Optimization
  • Optimization Theory/Mathematical Programming
  • Linear and Non-Linear Optimization
  • Combinatorial and Integer Optimization
  • Graph Theory and Network Optimization
  • Large Scale Optimization and Parallel Computing
  • Stochastic Systems and Simulation
  • Queueing Models
  • Maintenance
  • Reliability and Inventory Control
  • Simulation
  • Statistics
  • Estimation in Stochastic Systems
  • Nonparametric Analysis
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Analysis of Censored and Truncated Data
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Hierarchical Planning of Large Scale Manufacturing Systems
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Cellular Manufacturing Systems
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Production Planning and Control Systems
  • Manufacturing Control Strategies in FMS
  • Analytical Models for Global Manufacturing Strategies
  • Performance Evaluation of Manufacturing Systems
  • Modeling and Analysis of Production Systems
  • Neural Networks

Research Areas of Our Faculty Members

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