Bilkent Faculty Receive 2024 BAGEP Awards

Bilkent faculty members have received the Distinguished Young Scientist (BAGEP) awards for 2024. The awards are given by the Science Academy Association (Bilim Akademisi), established in 2011 “to promote, practice and uphold the principles of scientific merit, freedom and integrity.” The objective of the BAGEP program is to recognize highly promising young scientists and assist them in furthering their investigations.

The Bilkent awardees are: Asst. Prof. Pınar Çağlayan Aksoy (Faculty of Law), Asst. Prof. Ayşegül Dündar Boral (Department of Computer Engineering), Asst. Prof. Seçil Gönültaş (Department of Psychology), Asst. Prof. Jonathan Payton (Department of Philosophy), Asst. Prof. Cüneyt Şahin (Institute of Materials Science and Nanotechnology – UNAM) and Assoc. Prof. Firdevs Ulus (Department of Industrial Engineering).

BAGEP 2024 Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 27.

Firdevs Ulus
Dr. Firdevs Ulus, one of the faculty members of the Department of Industrial Engineering, was awarded the BAGEP 2024 award of the Science Academy Association Award Program in the field of “industrial engineering”.

30 April 2024
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