Seminar by Nesim K. Erkip

Nesim K. Erkip

 Teaching Experience with Freshman Students – An Overview of IE102

Seminar by
Nesim K. Erkip
Department of Industrial Engineering , Bilkent University





IE102, A Process Oriented Outlook for Industrial Engineering, is a freshman course that became part of Bilkent University IE Curriculum starting with Spring Semester, 2010. In this talk, I want to discuss the approach I followed in teaching IE102. The talk can be considered as a follow-up of a seminar I conducted in April 2012, entitled, “Teaching Experience with Freshman Students – a Premature Evaluation of IE102 Course” . The talk will start historical anecdotes of discussions that took place before establishing the course. Most of the discussions were focused on the students’ abstraction skill, which was seen as a key issue for the success of graduates. The course has slightly changed over the years, mostly in the way that students are assessed, and of course with refinements in the way topics are covered. The talk aims to share my experiences with the course, as well as my self-assessment of its performance. Objectives of the course and accompanying material covered in the course are detailed, followed by the description of the weekly program. Explanation on how assessment has been carried out, together with some the approach considered for course conduct will be presented. Some hints on how to keep student concentration alive in the classroom, as well as some methods used to create student interaction will be explained. As conclusion, I will attempt to assess the value of the course, as well as share some thoughts on improving the course.

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