Seminar by Murat Fadıloğlu

Murat Fadıloğlu

 A Linear Programming Framework for the Control of Tandem Production Lines

Seminar by
Murat Fadıloğlu
Yaşar University
Department of Industrial Engineering





We consider the problem of production control and stock rationing in a make-to- stock production system with several customer classes that generate independent Poisson demands. The system consists of a tandem production line with a finished goods buffer at the end. The tandem line is composed of reliable/unreliable workstations with exponential production times and intermediate buffers. At decision epochs, in conjunction with the stock allocation decision for the finished goods, the control specifies whether to continue or stop production at each workstation. We model the system as a Markov Decision Process and then propose an equivalent linear programming formulation. This formulation enables us to solve larger models in reasonable times by harnessing the power of the state-of-art optimization solvers. Furthermore, this approach provides us with the flexibility to use our MDP model to find the optimal parameters to well-known control policies such as Kanban.


Dr. Murat Fadıloğlu is currently professor of industrial engineering at Yaşar University. He received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Bilkent University. He completed his doctoral studies at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering of University of Florida. He previously worked at Bilkent University and Izmir University of Economics. His research interests include performance evaluation of inventory/production systems, queueing models, stochastic modeling, dynamic programming, optimal control and supply chain management. He teaches courses on stochastic modeling, simulation and probability theory. Dr. Fadıloğlu is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. He is interested in sports (bicycling, running, diving, squash), literature, and world music, cinema and cuisines.
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