Airline Scheduling to Minimize Operational Costs and Variability

Deniz Şimşek

Topic: Deniz Şimşek Tez Sunumu

Time: Aug 10, 2021 11:00 AM Istanbul

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Title: M.S: Airline Scheduling to Minimize Operational Costs and Variability

Abstract: Airlines tend to design their flights schedules with the primary concern of the minimization of operational costs. However, the recently emerging idea of resilient scheduling defined as staying operational in case of unexpected disruptions and adaptability should be of great importance for airlines as well due to the high opportunity costs caused by the flight cancellations and passenger inconvenience caused by delays in the schedule. In this study, we integrate resilient airline schedule design, aircraft routing and fleet assignment problems with uncertain non-cruise times and controllable cruise times. We follow a data-driven method to estimate flight delay probabilities to calculate the airport congestion coefficients required for the probability distributions of non-cruise time random variables. We formulate the problem as a bi-criteria nonlinear mixed integer mathematical model with chance constraints. The nonlinearity caused by the fuel consumption and

CO2 emission function associated with the controllable cruise times in our first objective is handled by second order conic inequalities. We minimize the total absolute deviation of the aircraft path variabilities from the average in our second objective to generate balanced schedules in terms of resilience. We follow an epsilon-constraint approach to scalarize and solve our problem via commercial solvers and we also devise a discretized approximation and search algorithm to solve large instances. We compare the recovery performances of our proposed schedules to the minimum cost schedules by a scenario-based posterior analysis. As a key contribution, we show that in the schedule generation phase, designing resilient schedules by allowing them to deviate from the minimum cost within the trade-off between the operational costs and the variability, the potential recovery costs in case of unexpected disruptions can be reduced significantly.

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