Seminar by M. Selim Aktürk

23/11/2012 @ 13:30 – Airline Disruption Management with Controllable Cruise Times Seminar by M. Selim Akturk Department of Industrial Engineering Bilkent UniversityAlthough the airline industry is very successful in implementing optimization tools for the planning and scheduling of their resources, they are facing significant problems to deal with the disruptions in their daily operations due to unexpected aircraft maintenance […]

Seminar by Emre Nadar

16/11/2012 @ 13:30 – Optimal Portfolio Strategies for New Product Development Seminar by Emre Nadar Department of Industrial Engineering Bilkent UniversityWe study the problem of project selection and resource allocation in a multi-stage new product development (NPD) process with stage-dependent resource constraints. We model the problem asan infinite-horizon Markov Decision Process, specifically under the discounted cost criterion. Each NPD […]

Seminar by Cem Bozsahin

09/11/2012 @ 13:30 – The Alan Turing Way of Computing Seminar by Cem Bozansahin Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, METUComputation is everywhere nowadays. It has changed not only our daily lives but our academic practice as well. It seems hard to believe that all these changes arose from Alan Turing’s simple conception of functions unheard of before: step by […]

Seminar by Ozlem Cavus

02/11/2012 @ 13:30 – Risk-Averse Control of Undiscounted Transient Markov Models Seminar by Ozlem Cavus Assistant Professor of Industrial EngineeringWe use Markov risk measures to formulate a risk-averse version of the undiscounted total cost problem for a transient controlled Markov process. We derive risk-averse dynamic programming equations and we show that a randomized policy may be strictly better than […]

Seminar by Oguzhan Alagoz

05/10/2012 @ 13:30 – A POMDP Approach to Personalize Mammography Screening Decisions Seminar by Oguzhan AlagozUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Visiting Associate Professor of Industrial EngineeringBreast cancer is the most common non-skin cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-death in US women. Although mammography is the most effective modality for breast cancer diagnosis, it has several potential risks, including high […]

M.S Thesis Presentation by Sibel Sozuer

07/09/2012 @ 10:00 – On the Newsvendor Problem with Multiple Inputs under a Carbon Emission Constraint M.S. Thesis Presentation by Sibel Sözüer Department of Industrial Engineering Bilkent UniversityIn this thesis we consider two problems in the newsvendor setting with multiple inputs, under a carbon emission constraint and non linear production functions. In the first problem, we assume a strict […]

M.S. Thesis Presentation by İsmail Erikci

31/07/2012 @ 17:00 – Analyzing the Effect of Consumer Returns in a Multi-Period Inventory System M.S. Thesis Presentation by İsmail Erikci Department of Industrial Engineering Bilkent UniversityReturn of a sold item by a customer becomes tremendously common situation in many industries. Increase in the amount of returned items promotes return information to be a critical factor for inventory control. […]

M.S. Thesis Presentation by Nurcan Bozkaya

31/07/2012 @ 10:00 – Integrated Machine-Scheduling and Inventory Planning of Door Manufacturing Operations at Bursa Oyak RENAULT M.S. Thesis Presentation by Nurcan Bozkaya Department of Industrial Engineering Bilkent UniversityA car passes through press, body-shell, painting and assembly stages during its manufacturing process. Due to the increased competition among car manufacturers, they aim to continuously advance and improve their processes. […]

M.S. Thesis Presentation by Pelin Çay

29/07/2012 @ 10:00 – Organ Transplantation Logistics: Case for Turkey M.S. Thesis Presentation by Pelin Cay Department of Industrial Engineering Bilkent UniversityOrgan transplantation is one of the fundamental and effective treatment techniques for the patients who have critical health problems. However, while 3,930 organs were transplanted to the patients in 2011, there still exist 20,954 people waiting for a […]

M.S. Thesis Presentation by Görkem Özdemir

23/07/2012 @ 10:00 – Heuristic Solution Methods for Planning Problems in Wireless Mesh Networks M.S. Thesis Presentation by Görkem Özdemir Department of Industrial Engineering Bilkent UniversityWireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are wireless communication networks that consist of a finite number of radio nodes, in which a predetermined subset of nodes, called gateways, have wired connections to the Internet and the […]